Last year, when finally, things seemed to be better, an unusual storm hit Central America affecting considerably the coffee crop. Even though coffee quality was not affected, the main bad consequence of the rains was the delay of the harvest and the risk that such harvesting process was still unfinished when the annual farm management was about to start. Labor was also limited, and many other issues happened forecasting a not so promising crop.

However, the best ideas emerge during crises. In some cases, coffee production did not increase but quality remained intact; many coffee producers say the lesson that the covid-19 experience left us taught us to become forecasters, which allowed them to have not only one but many plans “B” so they would not be surprised. Obviously, a storm during harvest was unexpected.

This year, coffees from El Salvador offer lots of profiles. You will be able to find very clean coffees, with attributes that characterize the region such as caramel, honey, molasses, chocolate, and fruity creamy notes present in Natural and Honey processes.

Producers have taken advantage of the solid knowledge they have got on processing to upgrade their techniques and provide you with exotic flavors. Mauricio Salaverría is such a character, the creator of the Mambo N°5 and the Pineapple Natural, lovely coffees.  Others, like Emilio López prefer to focus on the basics, respecting the natural notes given by the different terroir. 

For us sourcing is also about enhancing the added value of our coffees. That is why we are very proud to work in partnership with OASIS, a challenging project that consists of a group of organic certified farms that means a lot environmentally and whose producers are really committed to represent a positive change in the community throughout social initiatives.

As part of out new sourcing strategy, El Salvador is yet to offer you new coffees from new regions. We started with Los Pirineos Coffee Farm, located in Berlin, the northeast of El Salvador, now runned by Diego Baraona, whose father Gilberto was a pioneer of specialty coffee in El Salvador. This farm is such a dream come true. A great legacy translated into high quality and top coffees.

Belco Central America in El Salvador.

Against all odds, Belco opened up his regional agency for Central America last January. This project was very ambitious and challenging. The agency consists of three mains divisions: The general direction, the field and quality divisions, all of them working under integration and collaboration principles to get to work even more closely with our suppliers in C.A. by offering them our experience and knowledge and guarantee only high-quality coffee sourcing to you, our clients. Our team is very talented and that makes us be very visionary; our target is to provide the world with the best coffees produced in these countries under the values that characterize Belco. 

We just started evaluating the first offer and PSS samples at our lab, which by the way in the best equipped in El Salvador at the moment. We started making our field visits to guarantee both, quality and traceability of your coffees from bean to cup. There are many coming projects in which you will be able to involve with and that include new coffees from unknown producing regions, coffees with different added value, more scientific approaches based on research, more environmental conscience to finally offer you only sustainable and responsibly produced coffees that accomplish your demand and ethics.

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Emilio Lopez, El Manzano, La cumbre, El Naranjo

Mauricio Salaverria, El Divisadero, Finca Galicia, Finca Himalaya


Angel Barrera, Finca Altamira, San Isidro


Famille Baraona, Los Pirineos, Las Palmas


Los Pirineos

El Manzano

Proyecto OASIS