Mexico lindo y querido… a song that in two words can describe so well Mexico. A beautiful country, which can easily become your dearest. 

Mexico has been a path of learning. A path of patience as well. Two years ago when we introduced the coffees from Cafeologo, nobody actually did see us coming with such fine coffees (neither did we to be honest). 

Having found these outstanding beans, histories & faces behind made us want to make a deeper and larger sourcing in Mexico. With Cafeologo we have increased every year since we started, last year we introduced the Micro Regional « Cafeologia '' selection and also a farmer from a different State than Chiapas (Guerrero). Besides these, we continued increasing the list of producer partners from the different micro regions from los Altos de Chiapas, and continued this huge challenge of keeping developing naturals with the « Beneficios Comunitarios ». Many already known faces would come back this year, but we would hope to make you discover some new ones as well. 

Last year we did also introduced to you our partner La Laja, with who we developed two fine Terroir Coffees, one Fully Washed from Veracruz (the good ol’ El Santo), but also supported them on their project of doing Honeys at a larger scale in Puebla (our reference Nahua). 

And what’s also new ? 

Some green partners are coming back. We have bought some coffees from Finca Irlanda in Soconusco, the first ever coffee farm certified organic in the world… and also the first one having been certified biodynamic. Certificates and above all, ways of production, that they continue to practice up to know. Besides their Estate coffee and a couple of some smaller lots, such as peaberry & geisha, we have also developed a Terroir organic coffee, composed from neighbouring farms of Irlanda. 

As we talk of organics & Terroir range, on this edition we would also be showcasing for the first time « El Pacayal », a coffee from small holders of the south of Chiapas. 

I guess you have understood by now that we are fully packed to load your roasteries with an excellent mexican selection for this harvest




Pedro Vazquez

Victor Lopez

Abel Sanchez

Audias Garcia

Eleazar Rodas

Lorenzo Nunez

Walter Peters, Finca Irlanda