Sebastien Lafaye

This has been another difficult campaign for Honduras. The country was seriously impacted by the tropical storm Eta in November 2020, and production volumes have fallen steadily over the past three years due to a sharp decrease in business profitability. Like Nicaragua, Honduras expects to end its 20/21 cycle below the official projections given at the start of the harvest.


Fortunately, we are continuing to source larger volumes and more diversified coffees.


The great classics began arriving in February, and the first microlots have now also been approved. All that remains is for them to cross the oceans, which considering the logistical difficulties worldwide is no small task!


Given the huge success of our organic Ceiba, we have decided to purchase twice as much honey and natural. We are offering three different types of process to give you the widest possible choice of certified organic coffee.


We have also welcomed new members into our family of partners, and are proud to have begun working with Cooperativa Raos, the pioneer organic coffee cooperative in the region of Marcala. Raos groups together over 250 small producers with organic and fair trade certifications. The cooperative manages coffee processing from cherry to drying, ensuring full traceability and consistency in the cup.


We’ll soon also be bringing you a decaffeinated version of our Organic Fair Trade Lenca, obtained using the Canadian Swiss Water Process.


For the second year running, our Fair Trade Organic Wapaia from the Cocasam cooperative in the region of San Marcos de Colon will be available for those in search of a new region to explore in Honduras. This area, which borders Nicaragua (Madriz), has its own unique climatic characteristics. The cooperative’s general manager, Professor Geovanny Lopez, is an important local figure who has initiated numerous environmental and educational projects for the families of local producers. 



Miriam Elisabeth Perez, Finca Clave del Sol

Maria Dolores Zelaya, Mini Granja Dilma

Anastasio Argueta, Los Ceibos



Finca Mini Granja Dilma

Finca Los Ceibos & La Rosa

Finca Clave Del Sol