COMSA is our “coffee bubble” in Honduras. Once you get there, you always appreciate the peaceful and harmonic environment, inhabited by people that care for our planet by teaching producers and their families how to respect nature throughout the coffee growing process. They carry out admirable work, of the type you would not believe possible until you visit this part of the mountainous Marcala region and talk personally to its producers. Only then do you reflect on and appreciate
the fact that it must have taken a great deal of time to reach such an amazing point, when everyone breathes respect for our Planet Earth.

The coffees from COMSA are produced from hard work, awareness, and environmental and social responsibility.
When you cup them, simply remember that each has a rich history, recounted by the region’s many producers.
They will explain how hard it has been to grow coffee with respect for organic principles – and also how worthwhile this has been!


COMSA is more than a coffee company, or a cooperative gathering coffees produced by out-growers; its members embrace a “school of life” philosophy, firm in the belief that there is always something else to learn about coffee and that something may always be done in a more environmentally-friendly way to have only positive impacts
on the Honduran community and its people.


At Belco, we are ever concerned about responsible use of water. Which is why we have decided to develop the coffees
n our Terroir range with the addition, for the first time, of a single full container of honey and natural coffees, in line with
the principles promoted by COMSA.

We are grateful to have been able to build this partnership, which has given us a chance to explore and think about
all our possibilities, as human beings, to create a better coffee world in which to live and to transform what is almost impossible into possible avenues full of opportunities for hundreds of coffee families, who have expert knowledge of their plantations
and are the faces behind these beautiful coffees.




COMSA, Mini Granja Dilma,
Clave de Sol


Miriam Elisabeth Perez,
Maria Dolorez Zelaya


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