This past year has been quite a year! Above all, it has reassured us that we made the right decision by establishing our presence in producing countries. Thanks to our offices in Addis Ababa, San Salvador and soon in Armenia, our sourcing is more reliable and more solid, despite mobility restrictions. There are fewer Indiana Jones type characters on Instagram in search of lost grain in producer countries. Who would have thought that a global pandemic could reaffirm our vision of sourcing in such a short time?

In Ethiopia, we audited all our suppliers during this campaign while developing new direct sourcing channels in Kenya to establish our Addis Ababa office and carve out its future role as an African sourcing agency.
In Colombia, we also visited all our suppliers and formed new relationships with associations in new regions. 
In San Salvador, our team has taken on new members and is visiting all our partners in the Isthmus of Panama. They continue to train producers in the constant improvement of their quality.
In a nutshell, it’s thanks to this hard work that you’ll shortly be cupping coffees of a particularly high quality, each with its own unique story.

Our producers, our trusted partners, are continuing to receive our increasingly committed, binding and firm support.

So, what do we have in store for you, dear roasters? 
You have helped us to develop new distribution networks, and you will shortly be galvanising the business of producers who have experienced slumps because of the crisis. It’s time for us to show ambition, the same ambition as the high-quality forward-thinking coffees we’ll be presenting today…


Following the same principle as last year, we are inviting you to join us 
on our Primeurs adventure and to discover: This year’s sourcing achievements, over 230 freshly harvested coffees producer portraits and coffee projects in which you’ll be happy to immerse yourself!

Ángel Barrera, sourcing Director



Our unique sourcing approach and the projects we put in place at origin explained by field experts and the producers themselves!
Three 1h LIVE Master Classes to know it all, connect and chat.



We will be your guides, country by country, to the discovery of all our coffees and their stories.

11 origins – 229 coffees